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Some of My Projects

<p>Secretary-General/Head of IT: One of the largest Model UN conferences in the UK.</p>

<p>Lead Developer: Website tracking the promises of the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May.</p>

<title>The Youth Project</title>
<p>Former Tech Lead: A global organisation empowering the youth to make a change.</p>

<p>Read more about what I do on LinkedIn.</p>

<title>LoL Manager</title>
<p>A Content Manager for League of Legends.</p>

About Me

Rishi is a student currently studying in the United Kingdom.

He intends to study Computer Science at university before going on to work in the technology industry. Currently he works on his technology related projects both inside and outside of school, mainly working in Python and PHP/MySQL on a range of projects including web apps, mobile apps and websites. Knowing the vast capability of technology, Rishi is always trying to make a difference through his work.

To find out more about what he does or for any business enquiries please get in contact with him by emailing him ([email protected]) or tweeting him @RishkDev.